Mount Rainier National Park

A stratovolcano that offers wildflower meadows, glacial peaks, dramatic waterfalls and endless views of natural beauty. 

1 hour away

Paradise Area

Paradise, located on the south side of the park, features subalpine meadows, plenty of trails, picnic spots and epic mountain views. It is open year-round but winter access is only from the west Nisqually entrance (about 2 hours drive away).

Roadside stops
Reflection Lakes

Famous view of Mount Rainier’s reflection in these subalpine lakes.

Inspiration Point

A view of a glaciated mountain rising above forested slopes.

Christine Falls

A iconic waterfall framed by a stone bridge.

Skyline Trail at Mount Rainier
Recommended Trails
Skyline Trail

Essential moderate 5.5 miles trail through subalpine meadows and a close-up look at Mount Rainier. For an easier accessible hike, turn back after 1 mile at Myrtle Falls

Nisqually Vista Trail

Try this easy 1.2 miles hike with stunning views of the Nisqually Glacier and wildflowers in the summer

1 hour away

Sunrise Area

Sunrise perches on the east side of the park and provides breathtaking 360-degree majestic mountain views. It’s important to know that Sunrise is only open in the summer season, so be sure to check opening status before you go.

Roadside Stops
Tipsoo Lake

This subalpine lake is set in a glacier-carved basin amid spectacular wildflower meadows

Sunrise Point

Sweeping views of the Cascade Range, Sunrise Lake and Mount Rainier

Tipsoo Lake at Mount Rainier
Recommended Trails
Naches Peak Loop Trail

This 3.5 mile trail offers superb wildflower displays in midsummer

Emmons Moraine Trail

Enjoy great views of the Emmons Glacier and its turquoise lake from this 4.1 mile moderate trail, off the Glacier Basin Trail

Mount Fremont Lookout Trail

Discover a historic fire lookout with views of Mount Rainier and its glaciers on this moderate 5.6 mile hike

15 mins away

Ohanapecosh Area

Ohanapecosh is situated among Douglas firs, western red cedars, and western hemlocks on the park's east side. It is the closest Mount Rainier entrance to us.

Roadside Stops
Box Canyon

A narrow slot canyon carved by the Muddy Fork of the Cowlitz River

Box Canyon at Mount Rainier
Recommended Trails
Grove of the Patriarchs Trail

Experience this easy 1.1-mile trail along the Ohanapecosh River to an island of towering, thousand-year-old trees

Silver Falls Loop Trail

Depending on where you start, this level trail varies between 0.6 to 2.7 miles long and takes you along the Ohanapecosh River to a spectacular waterfall

Box Canyon Loop Trail

Take the 0.5 mile loop trail to gaze at water rushing through a narrow slot canyon carved by the Cowlitz River

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